The election outcome was bittersweet. Bitter in the fact that we did not achieve the big prize nor the many hoped-for wins on November 8th. The sweet was in terms of delivering Colorado for Hillary, growing our local volunteer base, and passing 3A!

It is with a heavy heart that the Montrose County Democratic Party thanks its many volunteers for their efforts — they have NOT gone unnoticed AND are so appreciated. There were so many kind, thoughtful gestures and interactions during the campaign season — they kept all of our spirits up, especially in our headquarters.

We will battle on.  It is essential that we do so for the next four years as Trump tries to destroy everything we believe inIt will take time to pull ourselves up and make sense of this new reality we have to live with, but now,more than ever, we the DEMOCRATS and the local party must be vigilant and stay involved.

Thank you, volunteers!  We fought a good fight. I am proud of our local party. THANK YOU FOR STANDING UP, SHOWING UP AND SPEAKING OUT. Stand with us. We will need each and everyone of you.

Jayne Bilberry, Chair
Montrose County Democratic Party


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