About the MCDP

The Montrose Democratic Party is committed to moving our county forward. Your input, support and participation matters — and is appreciated.

Our policy goals include

To have an economy that lifts up ALL Americans, we expect our government to:

  • Provide services so that everyone has the opportunity to earn a living. Americans need a modern infrastructure, a living wage, quality education, affordable health care, affordable childcare, public safety, and a secure retirement.
  • Protect the economy against reckless business practices.
  • Reform the tax codes so that everyone pays their fair share and the loopholes are closed.

Affordable and excellent preschool through higher education is the key for achieving personal fulfillment.

Good stewards of the environment respect and protect our magnificent state at the individual, community, and state levels.

We demand dialogue on common-sense steps to reduce gun violence.

Fix our immigration system with solutions that are both humane and economically fair.

Protect and strengthen voting rights. Initiate campaign reform to repeal Citizens United!

A woman’s reproduction is best left to the woman, her family, her doctor, and her faith.


The Montrose County Democratic Party usually meets from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m. on the third Monday of each month.

Check our calendar for the specific time and location of this month’s meeting.

If you wish to make a presentation to the Montrose County Democratic Party, please send a request to be included on the agenda.