On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, starting promptly at 7:00pm, registered Democrats will caucus at designated location(s) across the state of Colorado for the purpose of electing delegates to the County Assembly and County Convention, which is the next level in our Caucus-Primary process. At each caucus, Democrats will be electing two precinct committee people and beginning the process of establishing a county platform.

Only registered Democrats allowed to participate in the caucus.

Montrose County Caucus Locations

Montrose/Olathe: All Precincts
Centennial Middle School, 1100 South 5th Street, Montrose
Map & Directions

West End: Precincts 5, 8,10,15,16
Naturita Community Library, 107 West 1st Avenue, Naturita
Map & Directions

Maher: Precinct 11
Home of Sydney Shaw, 78344 Black Bear Trail, Crawford
Map & Directions


The Colorado Democratic Party and the participants in this caucus are required to take steps to encourage participation in the delegate and candidate selection process of the Democratic Party at all levels – by young people, women, minority groups, and the disabled. Inclusion should occur in reasonable relationship to any given groups’ presence in the full population. This goal shall not be accomplished, either directly or indirectly, by imposition of mandatory quotas.

Who May Participate

A person may vote at the precinct caucus, be elected a delegate or an alternate from the caucus and/or be elected as a precinct committee person if they have been:

  • A resident in the precinct for at least thirty (30) days, and
  • Registered to vote in the precinct for at least 29 days and
  • A registered Democrat for not less than two months prior to the date of the caucus as shown on the registration books of any county clerk and recorder in the State of Colorado (Date to be confirmed per the Secretary of State’s election calendar). However, any person who attained the age of 18 or who became a naturalized citizen within a two-month period immediately preceding shall be eligible to vote at precinct caucuses even though he/she has been a registered Democrat for less than two months. If a registered Democrat has become a resident of the county during the two months immediately preceding the precinct caucus, such affiliation with the party at said prior residence shall be counted in determining whether the person has been a registered Democrat for two months.

For more Caucus information, please contact:

Connie Pittenger, Chair
Montrose County Democratic Party