Become a Precinct Committee Person

What is a PCP?

A PCP, or Precinct Committee Person, is the representative of the Montrose County Democratic Party in your neighborhood.

PCPs are elected at the precinct caucus and serve a two-year term. PCPs can also be appointed by the MCDP Chair with the advice of the Central Committee to fill a vacancy.

To be a Democratic Party PCP, you must:

  • Be a registered Democrat
  • Request to be appointed by the Montrose County Democratic Party between elections
  • Live in the precinct you represent

How Can I Become a PCP?

Contact the chair of the Montrose County Democratic Party by calling 970-275-0190 or sending an email to, indicating that you wish to be appointed as a PCP in your precinct.

As a PCP, here are some of the duties and responsibilities that you may be asked to perform:

  • Represent the Democratic Party at the precinct level
  • Together with other PCPs and volunteers, educate voters about our issues and candidates
  • Attending monthly Central Committee meetings
  • Work to elect Democratic Party nominees by registering voters and helping to “get out the vote” in your precinct

Where May I Get More Information?

Contact our current Precinct Committee Coordinator at for answers to your questions and advice on how best to proceed.