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Andy and Jane Goldman

Barbara Bynum

Barbara Hall-Cress

Bill and Janine Gwaltney

Bill Patterson

Bob and Karen Nicholson

Britt and Cindi Parks

Bruce Ackerman and Susan Werner

David and Jane Ryan

David and Linda Gann

David Congour

Dick and Judy Bushmiaer

Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Spangrude

Ev Kaufmann

Fran A. Meadows

George Miller

Gretchen Nelson

Holly von Helms

Howard Greene

James Iacino

Jan and James Edwards

Janet Chapman

Jayne Bilberry

Jerome Waler

Jo and Lyle Clugg

Jock and Ann Marie Fleming

Jon and Beth Gordon

Julia Seglund

Kevin and Bobbie Kuns

Kim Floyde

Kori Zapletal

Marv Ballantyne

Mary Loncar

Merrill Kaufmann

Mike and Sharon Hoffman

Nancy Kelso

Pam Benson and Beth Gibson

Polly Sinner

Richard and Claudia Rogers

Richard and Vera Pringle

Rod Britten

Rod Colburn

Sandy Cave

Stan and Patricia Kuns

Stephanie Gibert

Steve and Cindy Groskopf

Steve Mason

Steve Welch

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