From our friends at the Colorado Democratic Party office in Denver:

Our party wouldn’t be as organized and successful as it is without the talented and dedicated volunteers we have at the local levels. Want to brush up on your skills so you can help make sure Colorado goes blue in 2020? Sign up for a free upcoming webinar:

June 10: Voter Registration (Hosted by Betsy and Julia)

This webinar will cover the process of registering people to vote in Colorado. Often, the Colorado Democratic Party will send volunteers out to event to register them to vote, and this training will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to help people get more involved and make their voice heard in elections!

June 24: Candidate Training (Hosted by Morgan Carroll)

This webinar is “Running for Office 101”. Want to know the basics of what it takes to run for office at any level? Whether it is fundraising, hiring staff, or coming up with a core campaign message, join this webinar if you’re thinking about running for office, but never have before.

July 8: Outreach and Inclusion (Hosted by Xochitl “Sochi” Gaytan and Jeremy VanHooser)

The Democratic Party is a big-tent party, and the only way that continues is if we put significant time and effort into reaching out to different communities and ensuring folks feel welcome if they want to get involved. Attend this webinar if you would like to be part of the CDP’s efforts to reach out and be in contact with communities all across the state!

July 22: Sexual Harrassment and Discrimination

A culture of respect and inclusivity is critical to the success of any campaign or work environment. This webinar will focus on ways you can ensure that your campaign or office is upholding the highest standards of respect and inclusivity so that all feel respected, heard, and safe.

Any questions should be directed to Morgan Carroll at  The MCDP is just passing along these details and doesn’t have any more information than we’ve provided here.